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Nepenthes, or ‘tropical pitcher plants’


Human population growth, changing land use patterns, further inroads on already constrained Nepenthes habitats and aggressive poaching means that many mature breeding populations of Nepenthes species are rapidly dropping below the levels necessary for survival.

Rather than seeing this as a ‘doomsday’ occurrence, we at SEANSRF feel we are being presented with a very rare opportunity. By utilizing what is, in some cases, perhaps our last chance to study and save these critically endangered species, we can create a template to model a new paradigm in conservation efforts joining the forces of social, academic, political, business and scientific communities to achieve our dreams.

We need to act before it is too late to collect material for gene banks, establish habitat preserves for as much of the genetic diversity as remains, and to systematically reintroduce

Nepenthes to their natural territories to reestablish self sustaining populations.

“By these actions we will turn today's ‘poachers’ into tomorrow’s custodians of Nature.”

Through the effective integration of schools nationwide, government officials, national and international conservation organizations and local communities we not only plan to influence the survival of these endangered species in terms of effective conservation strategies, but more so, to use this opportunity to change attitudes by spreading the message of the importance of species conservation throughout Thailand and the region via powerful media campaigns.



What are they?

Nepenthes, or ‘tropical pitcher plants’, the focus of this foundation, are a fascinating genus of carnivorous plants, generally of Southeast Asian origin.

These unique plants have evolved to develop modified leaves which, unlike other genus of plants, lure and trap prey as a means of nutrition.


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SEANSRF - Southeast Asian Nepenthes Study and Reseach Foundation. The SEANSRF is a nonprofit foundation focusing on the conservation of
Southeast Asia’s endangered Nepenthes plants and their habitats through research and education to halt their current rapid descent to extinction